Surrounded by impassible mountains, lies the land of Randami, it's mysteries and legends cut off from the rest of the world. Martial schools that serve the philosophies of Mind, Body, and Spirit strive to advance their understanding of the fighting arts and aid the surrounding lands. In Master and Student: Martial Legends, you will choose a school and a venerated master to serve the land, face fearsome monsters, power hungry warlords, and canny spirits.


Mind, led by Master Red: The first of the Martial Schools, it is a school of thought that analyzes the mental exercise that is war. It focuses on strategy, understanding one's adversary, and studying the means and mechanisms behind the way wars are fought. This particular martial arts style often employs the sword not only as a weapon but as a metaphor.

Body, led by Master Green: The monastery that houses this technique is focused on the strength and force that is a person's body. It is one of the most popular because it is easy to learn, even if more difficult to master. Many would train their entire lives never discovering the secrets that would allow them to unlock their body's hidden potential.

Spirit, led by Master Blue: This was the last tradition established and the most controversial. Harnessing a person's most primal emotions for the purpose evoking powerful spirits is unsettling to watch. Masters of this tradition were often feared as much as they were respected for their ability to channel their rage into tangible arcane force.


Built for the Windows Phone 7 Platform, you will use your thumbs and your phone to direct students of your chosen martial order as they seek to uncover the cause of troubles in the land. Master and Student is a turn-based strategy game where you will move your units across the field, accomplishing objectives, and build the reputation of your martial school in the eyes of the populace. During combat, you will employ your choice of weapons, be they sword, bow, or staff, and use a variety of powers that will change the flow of the fight.

As your units gain experience they will have access to over the top martial techniques, bending the laws of nature. We plan on releasing the game this summer with loads of content and value, including a campaign for each martial school. Each campaign will have several missions, so players will get a good amount of value and several hours of play out of this game. Having some experienced fantasy authors contributing to our group ensures the story will be compelling.