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1  General / Random Discussions / rumors of wotc beginning deletions of the 3.x archives on website... on: October 19, 2010, 10:17:06 am
in consequence of this, and happening to have been the obsessive collector of the entire 3.x related website contents from around 2001, i have posted the entire archive online in 7z format. i don't have the link with me at work (should have emailed it to myself) but i will post it if anyone is interested. the file is around 2gb zipped and around 3gb unzipped.
2  General / Random Discussions / Re: Excerpts from the Journals of Talaelowar Ki'yik on: September 13, 2010, 09:43:16 am
We were almost as startled as the giant who stepped through the door. But we recovered faster. He will never recover again. Unfortunately, he was accompanied by another giant and some bugbears: guards, slaves? They were armed, so I guessed the former. The second giant began calling for help as loudly as he could. Which was pretty loudly. More giants, more bugbears and even some massive apes, all came pouring into the room beyond the doorway.

I gathered my energies and unleashed sphere after sphere of flame. I was forced to spare some energy to shield myself after a near miss. Pik danced and wove a glistening barrier of steel. They were grass before the scythe of his scimitars. The deadly beauty of his twisting and twirling form belies the carnage he left at almost every step. Gramblin and Nadem were slower, but the heavy blows were no less fearsome. Sabriel picked and choose her targets, and struck where it did the most good. A wise priestess, she, but no stranger to combat. A skillful archer indeed.

Suddenly, Sabriel cried out. Some of them were fleeing. We dispatched the remaining foes, but could not prevent the retreat. The alarm was sounded. We decided to hide again and wait to see what would happen. We swiftly climbed the rope and pulled it in behind us. More giants and bugbears entered the room. This time it was fire giants.

How many clans are involved in this? In the back of my mind, I continue to worry.
3  General / Random Discussions / (#13) Death and taxes.... on: September 10, 2010, 04:40:07 pm
Death is unpleasant.

Near death is... nearly as unpleasant. And quite probably a good deal more painful.

Our expedition proceeded well at first. We quickly found a large room, but fortunately Gramblin had scouted ahead and discovered not only a secret door in the wall, but a trap in the entrance of the room. We decided to see what was worth trapping to protect. He was able to disarm it safely. The room had a number of coffers on the far side, one of which was spilled over. All in all, a most suspicious setup if ever I have seen one.

The whiff of some animal-like odor, and the occasional noise were hardly needed. I threw a copper at the pile of "treasure" and sure enough it was illusionary. To my dismay, the far wall also had contained an illusion. The revealed archway was filled with manticores! Hungry manticores! We soon were dodging the flights of spines and fighting for our lives. The sharp stabbing pain followed by reddish darkness indicated that I had moved too slowly.

The next thing I recalled was waking to Sabriel's healing ministrations. The psychic pain took much longer to fade. The body is slower to be convinced that it is healed, despite the finest of magical aid. The fire scorched and deeply cut bodies of the manticores indicated their eventual fate. Once we were all recovered, we explored beyond the archway. After Gramblin disabled more traps in said arch.

There was quite a lot of treasure after all, mostly metals and stones. Most of that is likely to be tax revenue from various villages in the duchy. A find of particular interest included some coins of an old make. Quite surprising actually. I wonder where the giants found them. Nobody makes electrum anymore. Speculating about that is sure to pester me for weeks now. And likely keep me from resting, nights.

We considered the illusions, and thought it worth the time to search that room more carefully. Our diligence, or rather, Gramblin's skill was rewarded. A secret catch released a section of wall to swing open. There was a small corridor with another door at it's end. But scarcely had we entered and begun to look around when the other door opened!!
4  General / Random Discussions / (#12) Hand me a mystery... on: September 10, 2010, 03:30:15 pm
In the Eve of Fireday, 6th Month of the Year of the Emberhound.

That or the Morning of Waterday... when we are inside of these otherwhere bubbles, I always lose track of time. Where did I leave off... oh, yes.

Our plan with the wolves was successful. Mostly. Some stuffed themselves on the meat without falling victim to it's hidden magic. Those we were able to frighten off with the backup plan that Sabriel had prepared just for that possibility. We dragged the bodies outside of the gate, along with the meat, and shut it. The rooms in the outer wall which Gramblin had been unable to explore due to the wolves, proved to be a barracks of some sort. To our disappointment, we next had to penetrate the main stronghold, without having first reduced the fighting population of giants. The barracks were empty.

We decided to take the shortest route of the two possible entries into the stronghold proper. I cloaked us all with power spun to obscure us from the vision of others. I am getting quite good at it. Not nearly as easy as the molding of shadowstuff, but that has always come naturally to me. We entered and sliped into the room and closed the door behind us. As we looked around, I decided that this room is less for quarters, than a room for planning.

There was a large map drawn on a hide of the surrounding areas. What we found on the map is very alarming. Large areas had been marked, and with a most un-giantish hand; in rather pretty calligraphic strokes, the words: "not here" had been written. In giantish. Most strange. It outlined all of the neighboring duchies which have refused to help our duke. And in large letters, square upon our duke's realm were the words "here".

Whom is guiding these giants? Most certainly not a giant, if the writing is to be trusted, notwithstanding the local reputation of the hill giant chief. Then, a most fortuitous discovery! Behind one hanging was a hidden door. We removed the map from it's frame, and bundled it tightly so that it fit into Sabriel's enchanted bag. Behind the door is a landing with steps heading down into the darkness.

And though I thought never to write it, bless the acquisitive gnome. Out of habit, he checked the pile of logs on the landing, and lo, we found some tubes underneath them, made of a thick hide. Inside one we delighted in the instructions we found. Plans for the next raid! With these in hand, the duke will have proof enough to tip the scales with the other dukes, or perhaps even sufficient to send to the king. And the name it was signed with. Not like any Elvish name I've ever heard, yet, it still seemed strangely familiar.

A further mystery.
5  General / Random Discussions / (#11) A leaf a day, keeps the wolves away.... on: September 10, 2010, 01:40:02 pm
In the afternoon of Fireday, 6th Month of the Year of the Emberhound.

We have discussed our next move. Now that we left the stronghold, they will be more vigilant. It is decided that we will use a very powerful sleeping magic upon the meat that we hope to obtain and circumvent the wolves without slaying them. Those of us with skill at hunting, such as Pik, are out securing the materials we will need.

On the off chance that these are of the greater breeds of wolven-kind, we have a backup plan. We will open a gate, and attempt to magically frighten the rest off. Gramblin noticed that there is a courtyard of sorts inside the wall, it is here that the wolves stay when not out roaming the woods. There are a couple of rooms built into the outer wall of the courtyard, separate from the rest of the compound. We suspect that these might be the quarters of the leader of the giants. Surely the information we need is to be found there, if anywhere. I will need to gather more wolvesbane to ensure that the wolves continue to be unable to track us to our lairing spot.
6  General / Random Discussions / (#10) Fleeing the inferno.... on: September 10, 2010, 01:02:50 pm
Nearly dawn of the following morning, 6th Month of the Year of the Emberhound.

There was a whole lower level which had been excavated! We pored over the features and listened attentively to the explanations which Gramblin had of his travels. Our worries about Gramblin's long departure were, of course unfounded. The existence of the lower level forced him to extend his searchings. There is simply too much to explore in a single night. After much discussion, we decided to destroy the armory that Gramblin found, and then retreat. Better to tackle the underground level when we are fresh. After all there are much fewer exits from down there than there are from up here....


The strike on the armory went well. It is frightening how much destruction that we can invoke when we concentrate and overlap our efforts. Nadem was gleefully streaming jets of fire from his hands with abandon-it is not often that he has an opportunity to freely burn something. I was loosing my power in focused bursts of sound. My throat is still raw as I write this... We finished off with a combined flaming inferno from Nadem, myself, and Sabriel all striking out simultaneously with what mastery of flame that we have. The resulting cataclysmic wave of heat sent us all reeling back, all except Nadem. He seemed to revel in the heat. Seeing him stand there in the doorway, a dark silhouette against the ravening flames, brought on an atavistic shiver. While I may find the heat of the desert bearable, and Pik finds it natural, that sight gave us both unease.

But then Lord Mousehunter informed me that more feet are approaching, many many feet. We fled up the tower stairs, and surprised a giant coming down. He barely had time to draw breath, when Gramblin strikes with his hook-hammer, Nadem with his greatsword, and Pik with his multiple scimitars. The giant died upon the spot, his cry stillborn. Sabriel and I did not even have to break stride in climbing the uncomfortably large stairs. Hurrying down the rope was probably the hardest part of this venture for me, I am not the most athletic of individuals.

In haste, I summoned the remaining tatters of my power and drew over us a cloak of obscurement, though it was perhaps not strictly needed despite the slight glow of the predawn morn. I am not fond of being shot at, let alone when the objects being shot are small boulders, rather than arrows. Discretion and valor. We made it safely away and I led the way back towards camp. Gramblin and Pik both have some facility for seeing in the dark, but neither can match my ability.

I have always been proficient at seeing through all but magically created regions of darkness, and my vision pierces the dark much further than any other I know. I weary, and must enter the trance which passes for sleep among my second-kin. Sleep has never come easy for me. Despite my second-kin's assurances to the contrary, the same problems trouble me in the meditative state as well. All too frequently, full rest fails to find me. I find that I must drink a fortifying potion more often than not, simply to find a night's rest. Yet another puzzle in which I seem to defy the norm, will it or no. I fervently hope for the nights rest; facing the burning, blinding orb of the heavens after a poor night's passing, is almost more than I can bear.
7  General / Random Discussions / (#9) You killed my friends, prepare to die.... on: September 10, 2010, 12:19:35 pm
Much later in the Eve of Moonday, or early the following morning, 6th Month of the Year of the Emberhound.

If it were not such a serious business we were about, the shock and panic displayed by the giants would have been almost comical. We watched as the bodies were carted away, and a search was commenced. Soon however, all thoughts of mirth faded away, as patrols in pairs began to be seen; guards were stationed. These creatures were unexpectedly cunning, and quick to respond!

In our experience, the lesser giant-kin tend towards brutal-ness, and a disinterest in any but the most crude of social organizations. They barely cooperate with each other. These were acting more like trained armsmen, than typical giants. Gramblin in particular, was taking great pains in pointing out the atypical behaviors. We conference hurriedly and decided that we needed to learn more.

Truth be told, we had not paid overmuch attention to the claims of the duke that the giant raids had been highly organized and took only valuable and critical goods. We had thought that he was exaggerating his stories in order to hook us to his need, not realizing that we have our own reasons for attempting this foray. But now, having witnessed it for ourselves.... Something had affected these giants, we decided that we must learn what it is.

I drew forth a matrix rod, and sent my power through it into a cloak upon Gramblin. The unique structure of the matrix has the effect of lengthening the effects of my powers beyond what I can accomplish for myself. The effect bloomed out from him invisibly, as he faded to a transparent image of himself. We opened the interface by touching the rope's end to it, and Gramblin dropped nimbly down to the floor, disappearing completely from our view as he did so. I quickly pulled the rope back in, and we settled down to waiting nervously. The minutes crawled past, in a slow spiky progression. The occasional giant patrol passed by.

Finally, Gramblin returned, heralded by a coin sudden appearing on the floor directly below us. We descended the rope to meet with Gramblin and hear his report. Pik watchfully listened, as he eyed the exits. As he finished, I was taken by a sudden fancy and wandered over to the front doors. I pulled out a scroll and laid hand upon the doors, read the arcane symbols to guide my power, wove power about the two door panels, and bound them together. I smirked as I wrote upon the wall next to the doors, 'you have been warned!' in the blocky giantish letters, large enough for even them to see.

Suddenly Lord Mousehunter stirred upon my shoulder and hooted softly in my ear. She heard the approach of footsteps! I hurried to the others and warned them. Sabriel and Gramblin began climbing the rope as Nadem and I set fire to the doors to the hallway. That should slow them down. Swiftly we climbed into the otherwhere bubble, and drew the rope in after us.

Not a moment too soon! From the sudden appearance of smoke, a large amount of water must have been thrown onto the doors, for they opened as we were frantically pulling in the rope. An entire squad, fully eight well-armed giants enter the room and carefully scrutinize everything. After they saw the message on the wall, one ran out of the room. One of them even tried the door, but much to our surprise, did not attempt any violence upon the unmoving door. Any other giant would have tried to force the stubborn door open. Then that giant also ran out of the room. I turned from the window portal, to see that Gramblin had taken out some parchment and quill and was taking notes of what he had explored.

Reporting? To whom? Whom is guiding these giants so skillfully? This is becoming more and more ominous. We had best find someway of reducing the combat ability of these giants, and fast. Giant prowess at combat with someone who has an obvious grasp of tactics and strategy, and the ability to get giants to actually cooperate and fight intelligently, is a danger of, forgive me-but i can't resist, giant proportions.
8  General / Random Discussions / (#8) Seeds of Chaos.... on: September 10, 2010, 11:22:13 am
In the Eve of Moonday, 6th Month of the Year of the Emberhound.

We are now rested and fed; the time for our preparations is drawing near. I have now recovered sufficiently to relate the events of the preceding night. I had best set them down now, lest with the oncoming raid, they be pushed to forgetfulness.

We waited until deep dark lingering in the woods within view of, but hidden from, the giant's stronghold. What an edifice it was! No mere split logs for the outer wall, but tree trunks entire! There is even a tower, squatish and ugly, despite it's actual height. There appear to be sentries in the tower, but we have not seen them against the light in some time. I touch Pik and unleash some of my power upon him. He fades from sight. I barely hear the scuff of his claws as he leaps forward into a bounding run. When he reaches the base of the tower he will leap up to the wall and run up the rest of the way. The mind-force fragment embedded in his slippers allows him to literally run up the wall as if upon level ground.

We wait tensely.

After what seemed surely much too long, we see his spindly from in the window, flashing the light from his four blades in the prearranged signal. It was a hurried crossing that we made. We know that the gates are closed, and the wolves inside.... Yet one should not depend upon the fortunes of fate or luck. Not if one has a choice. We reached the tower base and soon enough the rope that Pik had carried slapped the rough wood besides my head.

Gramblin and Sabriel made their way up, Nadem and I clung to the bottom as we are pulled up. Pik muttered something in our speech about being on the hunt, by which i took it to mean that someone has said something. As I am pulled into the room, I see the dead giants upon the floor; spilled tankards and heads loosened from shoulders. I reply, also in the tongue of my first-kin, that they cannot be faulted for having been raised in ignorance of the Way. Nadem proved himself, and he has vouched for them, so will they not likewise prove of worth?

Sabriel called upon her Faith, and drew around upon us a silence. It settled upon us like a shroud, as if drawn whole-cloth from an ancient sanctuary. I must admit I had always wondered why such places seemed so quiet. Now I know. Deaf and mute, we made our way downstairs and into an entry hall. I took a moment then to draw my own shroud around us, this one of the unseen mysteries.

This one is less concentrated than the one I placed earlier upon Pik, more fragile. It is always a novel experience for me to see ourselves fade to a nigh transparent shadow of ourselves.

We used some hand signs that Pik had taught everyone and arranged ourselves around a door. Before we can open it, it opened of itself! Some giants walked into the hall, and we scoot around to avoid them. As soon as the doors closed, we struck. The shroud against vision frayed and fell away, expended. I felt somewhat guilty at the unannounced attack, at first, but I soon recalled to mind what these giants have done to the defenseless villages described by the Duke's men-at-arms.

We quickly dispatched them, and dragged them into a shadowed corner. A short time later a few more giants appeared, looking for the others. We dealt with them in a manner like the first. We decided to retreat and leave the message time to be received. I took a rope in my hands and send my power along it's length, seeking for a gap. After a few moments I felt a suitable one, and inserted the rope into it, letting my power flow upwards, blossoming into a bubble between the warp and woof of the world.

We climbed upwards and disappear into the otherwhere bubble. Last of all, the rope was drawn in, and the interface rippled slightly as the rope end passed through. We were then sealed in. The surfaces of the bubble are slightly rough to the touch, somewhat near the texture of the rope which anchored into the misted grayness of the boundary. We settled back to wait and see what response the giants will make to our 'message'.

It is a bit awkward to write when there is nothing much to lean back against, nor to brace upon.
9  General / Random Discussions / (#7) Solemn Step, Springing Steel. on: September 10, 2010, 11:12:24 am
In the Afternoon of Moonday, 6th Month of the Year of the Emberhound.

One of my least favorite things... waking to blinding sunlight, especially noonday sunlight, most especially after a hard night's foray. Even with the forest canopy and comforting dimness of the cave, the light is intensely bright and painful to me. It would take me an hour or so to adjust, but my hunger triumphs over my painful reluctance. Eating blindfolded has it's humorous aspects. Pik laid a sympathetic hand on my shoulder as I stumbled past in search of some food to break fast with.

He apparently guarded my waking absolution as well, as he caught me from behind preventing me from stumbling over an unseen root on my way back to the cave. I gratefully leaned upon him, reflecting on how fortunate I am to have such a brother, and how strange to find such compassion in an otherwise remorseless hunter. To him, the hunt, and the dance is nearly all. Weakness is more likely to arouse his hunting sense, and yet, he somehow finds compassion clouding the otherwise austere and stark perfection of his clear-sighted mind.

We apparently caused quite the stir amongst our new companions. I had not thought anything of it, and Nadem has seen our meditations before. It was not until I heard a gasp of indrawn breath that I was even aware that we had an audience. I think it was Sabriel. Much too high pitched for Gramblin.

These thoughts drifted across the emptiness of my meditations like wispy clouds, briefly occluding the sun that is our dance together. I can glimpse the flashing blades even through the blindfold, as they flicker all around us. My movements slow and deliberate, a move here, a shift of stance there, as i slowly pace out the intricate patterns of the spring of power within. Pik steps through, past, and around my dance, a light-shattering whirlwind of steel and shell.

Never once do we actually touch. Never once are we more than a couple of hand-span from each other. His lightning dance of death gracefully surrounds my solemn dance of power. As we end, i feel the flow of power welling upwards to fill me with potential. We stop suddenly, scimitars framing our forms in a window box of metal. I let loose a flicker of power; illumine a faerie ring of air which flows down our final form in a swift ripple, stirring the dust into a circle around us. A perfect melding of physical might and arcane power.

10  General / Random Discussions / (#6) Feathers and Foresight.... on: September 10, 2010, 10:40:33 am
On the Eve of Starday, 6th Month of the Year of the Emberhound.

We have arrived nearly a half-days walk from the stronghold. Lord Mousehunter consented to scout out a site for us, finding as near to perfect a camp as we could hope for. Tucked away in the corner of a valley-rift, with a nearby stream hides our cave. And the cave now hides our supplies and horses. A rather tight fit at the mouth, but then it widens out nicely once inside. We will even be able to build a small fire, assuming we are careful with the wood. A matter of politeness, perhaps, but we try to avoid using our friend Nadem, as a living campfire.

The rest of the evening passed in securing our camp, and scouting for any patrolling giants. Again, Lord Mousehunter proves her worth, finding a roving patrol heading into the stronghold. We now know the lay of the surrounding land. The forest has been cleared back to quite a distance around the fort. I think it would be best for us to take the next day in observing, and honing our basic strategy a little more.

It is fortunate that we have learned to speak with each other, Lord Mousehunter and I. As the years go by, she grows more intellectual in nature. I shouldn't be surprised if she should challenge me to a game of Jar'nai one of these days. She brings news of the first hitch to our plans. The giants keep a full pack of dire wolves in their outer courtyard. With night falling, we can now hear the occasional howl, despite the distance. The moons are waxing near full, tonight.
11  General / Random Discussions / (#5) Majestic Bureaucracy on: September 08, 2010, 05:43:22 pm
On the Morn of Fireday, 6th Month of the Year of the Emberhound.

Starday passed in contemplative travel. On Moonday we met with the Duke. He was not quite what I expected. He seemed more the harried bureaucrat, despite the armor. Our appointment was squeezed in between some merchant factors and soldiers reports. We were thanked for volunteering, told that unusual giant activity has been taking place in his duchy, and oddly not in any of the surrounding duchies. We are to investigate and if able, do something towards ending the threat to his duchy. He issued us a voucher for 'supplies, simple', and sent on our way. Scratch item off of list.

One can certainly tell that he was once a man-at-arms and not overly trained in the art of the word. Handled us with words as an inexpertly used weapon. With lives so short, perhaps it is not so strange that humans spend so much time worrying about time, and scurrying like small bugs to accomplish what they may. Almost like Pik... living so briefly. He is already my fifth companion, and I, by the standards of our people, my first-kin, have not yet achieved adulthood, despite outliving so many of my brothers and sisters.

Let me be not turned aside in this my desire. If any way there is that can be found to lengthen this the lives of my people, that will I discover. I have not spoke of this even to Pik. Nor, indeed to any of my companions... not even to the elders of our tribe. I once asked one of my second-kin, about lengthening ones natural span, but was answered only that it was a common folly of youth. Later, one of my other tutors, of nature-lore such as exists in the forests, commented that it was dangerous and unpredictable to alter something from its natural course, something seldom attempted by the wise, save in the face of extremity. So it seems that my words traveled.

Perhaps in the process of learning how to do what I seek, I will also discover the wisdom of if and how to use such knowledge along the way. I returned to the desert and my first-kin later that month. Fortunately, the duke's scouts have narrowed down the area where the giants lair. A recently fashioned stronghold was found, and it is there that we will begin. I wonder what we will find.
12  General / Random Discussions / (#4) Glittering reflections.... on: September 08, 2010, 05:34:19 pm
During the course of Stoneday, 5th Month of the Year of the Emberhound.

I am always faint in the strength of the day. As usual, we have found a place to rest, out of direct sunlight. Pik dances in the sun. The gracefulness of his leaping spinning turns tugs at my soul, so at odds with the normal jerkiness of his loping gait.

Even through the double thickness of the black gauze I must shield my eyes with my hand; the deadly glitter of his scimitars form dazzling patterns about him, til his form is nearly lost behind the blinding flashes of the quartet of silently singing blades. In many ways, we are opposites, him and I. Child of the desert day, he; child of the desert night, I....
13  General / Random Discussions / (#3) Confidence goeth before... on: September 08, 2010, 03:59:43 pm
On the eve of Metalday, 5th Month of the Year of the Emberhound.

It seems that the feeling of confidence almost invariably precedes a fall. Thus in the face of the feeling of confidence that Pik and I have been feeling, I am wondering what we have missed. We have met with Nadem's friends. They seem most capable individuals. Our time spent training together has helped us to become known to each other.

Indeed, the times of sharing about ourselves and our experiences in combat have done as much in that regard as our actual mock-combat sessions. My suggestions have been well regarded, always a pleasant feeling. Nadem tends to defer to myself or Pik as he always has since our first meeting, but Sabriel and Gramblin are refreshingly outspoken. Yet, they too seem to defer a final decision to one of the two of us.... I wonder just what tales Nadem has been spinning of us? It is said that, 'Worn yet well cared is better than new'.

Sabriel is a warrior-priestess more practiced than most with a bow. She is also an accomplished wielder of Faith. The combination of the two is quite impressive. To say the least. Pray for her continued good grace. Gramblin wields the traditional tool of his kind, the dual hammer-spike. But he is a specialist with a most unusual quarry: giant-kin. He is perhaps two-thirds my size, and I myself am somewhat short among either of my people. I marvel at his courage in facing such dangerous opponents as a matter of course. And Nadem has grown in his abilities with since last we traveled together. We will never lack for warmth when he is about. Tomorrow we embark.
14  General / Random Discussions / (#2) Bright Beginnings. on: September 08, 2010, 03:51:50 pm
On the Morn of Fireday, 5th Month of the Year of the Emberhound.

I so value Pik's wisdom. In his blunt and abrasive way, he asks questions that, quite frankly, would not occur to me until much too late. We now prepare to embark on our journey with Nadem, to meet with his friends. We, I, have high hopes for this venture.

Pik is grumbling as usual about having to cover himself from the prejudiced eyes of the common townsfolk. I remind him that I have to cover myself just as thoroughly, or suffer severe burns upon my sun-sensitive skin. I wonder, almost automatically, about my parents, and lost history. Even the ever present ache of the past only passingly impresses itself upon my consciousness.

I hope that Nadem's friends are not adverse to working at night. Binding my eyes with the transparent gauze that protects them from the achingly intense light of the bright summer's day, I venture a complaint about the cheerful sunshine of the day, and receive several clacks of mandibles in return. Amusement. Our preparations are nearly finished, I shall write more once we have spent a few days in some practice with our soon-to-be compatriots.
15  General / Random Discussions / Excerpts from the Journals of Talaelowar Ki'yik on: September 08, 2010, 02:37:08 pm
*(excerpts from an ongoing campaign which i am currently involved with, told from the perspective of one of my characters... enjoy!)*

(#1) The Inn.

On the Morn of Moonday, 5th Month of the Year of the Emberhound.

This morning we unexpectedly are found by Nadem. We spent the night in the town of Enrobek, and I was persuading the innkeeper about taking food up to our room to break our fast, when I was called by a familiar voice. Most unexpected.

Nadem has the most uncanny knack of turning up at unusual, if needed times. And more, he was actually looking for us! It seems we will not have to go hire-hunting after all. Nadem has already a venture lined up, and with the baron, no less. Serendipitously fortunate, our coming this way, looking for work suited to our... ah, talents.

Finally receiving a grudging and reluctant assent, I take our food, and Nadem up to our room. My creche-sib was using his cover-cloak to polish his blades. Two at a time. I click amusement at him, he hates having to wear the enveloping thing. Keeps threatening to 'accidentally' cut the cloak to shreds while polishing. He clacks a rude sound back at me. Nadem jokingly comments on the unlikeliness of being mistaken for intelligent beings with a language that sounds like that. It is good to be with our friend.

Nadem recounts the details. He has been working with two others for some time now. He met them shortly after we last parted ways. It seems that they are skilled and able individuals, and he is enthusiastic in his descriptions. It seems that many raids by giantkin have occurred in the duchy, but only in this duchy. In a typical example of the local politics, none of the neighboring barons are willing to send reinforcements lest they should be weakened and suddenly attacked. Those who have sent somewhat, have sent only tokens and rather poor ones at that.

The duke, in short, is looking to find some brave (foolhardy) souls who are willing to track to the lair and beard the giantkin in the den, so to speak. With the help of myself and my creche-sib, Nadem feels that we could accomplish this task. Our share of the reward, would be enough to see us far on our quest, if well rationed. The hope, the longing, the unseen end. Will it ever be fulfilled, the quest won? I feel auspicious tinglings concerning this opportunity. But I must consult with Pik before we tell Nadem yea or nae....
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