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Title: General musings and reflections on winning...
Post by: nijineko prismaticpsion on August 16, 2010, 12:18:36 pm
for your enjoyment:

*disclaimer: these statements are likely to be exaggerated for humorous effect. some. slightly.*

merik = i win. you lose. here's the numbers to prove it. hah!

telemetron = i laugh villainously as i mercilessly crush you utterly with my overwhelming numbers and humiliate you with superior wit! muuuahahahahahahaha! then i will rub it in as i giggle every time i see you for the next week, and make the occasional sarcastic reference back to it randomly for the rest of your life! oh, oh, and then...!

nijineko = once i reach level 31 with my completely inefficient build using clever, obscure, and arcane twistings of the rules into completely unintended shapes and meanings to allow my character do this nifty, utterly awesome, very stylish, and likely not very optimized compared to other things one could be doing by that level, super finishing move necessary for fulfilling and showcasing my inner vision of my cool character concept for all to see; then i will totally beat you... while distractedly thinking about what a great anime screen shot that move would make....